Trip to Siberia. 5 Tips to survive.

We want to give you some advises if you ever make your mind to go to Siberia for a business or recreation trip.

  1. Siberia is a part of Russia. Actually Russia is located between western and eastern parts of the world and has features of both civilizations. Despite Siberia is situated on the eastern part of Russia, mentally it belongs more to the West. Many years ago it was inhabited by Jews and Polishes, so the major part of the Siberian population is western.                                                                   
  2. You can never see a wild bear at the streets of Siberian or any Russian cities. In spite of the fact that Siberia has huge amount of wild forest territories called “Taiga” inhabited by lots of wild animals, you can hardly meet them at the streets of Russian cities and even small towns. It’s just one of the typical myths about Russia.                                                                                                                  
  3. Russians like to drink vodka. Yes, it’s true. Russians drink a lot of vodka, whiskey and rum. But not more than Finns or Brits. But if you want to refuse to drink with Russians, don’t be shy, just say “No, thanks” and nobody would be upset with you. But if you want to taste good Russian vodka we would advise you Beluga or Husky. And never mix it with cola, just have a shot and then eat a bite of Siberian salted mushrooms or fish with black bread – this is the right way to drink vodka.               
  4. Never take a taxi in the airport or station. As in any other city of the world they are too tricky and expensive. In Siberia you can easily use Uber or Yandex taxi apps. They are cheap and you always know the price of the trip.
  5. Don’t be shy to be a foreigner. The major part of Siberian people is simple, kindhearted and opened. They like foreigners because they come to Siberia not very often. So don’t be afraid to talk to people, they can like you just because you are a stranger from a faraway land.


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